In The News 2009

2009 Late Model Champion - Charlotte County Motorsport Park

LATE MODELS - 100 lap shoot-out


December 19, 2009
Charlotte County Motorsport Park

1. 59 Dustin Dunn
2. 48 Johnny Kay
3. 141 Travis Hanson
4. 31 Brian Blum
5. 57 Joe Winchell
6. 10 Steve Dorer
7. 36C Ross Chastain
8. 51 Richie Anderson
9. 9 Perry Lovelady
10. 22 David King
11. 11 David Weaver
12. 13 mike Knotek
13. 177 Ray Hester
14. 21x Blake Koch
15. 8C Andrew Carbonell
16. 7x Raymond Lovelady
17. 5x Steve Gill
18. 93X Brandon Johnson
19. 77 Patrick Williams
20. 36P Gary Padula
21. 28D Dylan Bigley
November 28, 2009
Charlotte County Motorsport Park

1. 10 Steve Dorer
2. 57 Joe Winchell
3. 31 Brian Blum
4. 93 Brandon Johnson
5. 5x Steve Gill
6. 141 Travis Hanson
7. 5 Joe Boyd
8. 36 Ross Chastain
9. 51 Richie Anderson
10. 97s Patrick Staropoli
11. 50 Perry Lovelady
12. 8 Bobby Shelton
13. 47 Chris Fontain
14. 77 Tuffy Hester
15. 11 David Weaver
16. 13 Mike Knotek
17. 14 Jason Rendell
18. 96 Chase Fitzgerald
19. 99 Rick Penton
20. 23 Barry Bartlett
21. 56 Wayne Morris
22. 28B Corey Bigley


November 21, 2009
New Smyrna Speedway

1 #36 Tim Russell
2 #84 Wayne Anderson
3 #11 David Rogers
4 #73 Sam Watts
5 #88 Justin Larson
6 #9 Rich Clouser
7 #38 Chad Pierce
8 #05 Jeremy Colangelo
9 #27 Bobby Good
10 #75x Marty Pierce
11 #70 James Glover
12 #34 Shaughn McCormick
13 #00 Robert Yoho
14 #64 Joe Winchell
15 #33x Casey Caudill
16 #12 Corey Freed
17 #55 Billy Mowery
18 #33 Jeff Choquette
19 #5 Shane Snipes
20 #22 Dusty Cornelius
21 #68 Russ Shaw
22 #02 Mike Finn
23 #80 Brian Finney
24 #7 Vince Keeler
25 #12x Justin Drawdy
26 #26c Travis Cope
27 #07 Jeff Scofield
28 #26 Jessica Murphy

44th Annual Florida Governor's Cup 200
presented by Tempaco / Noritz





Trick or Treat with the Drivers of CCMP



Travis Hanson wins Late Model "Halloween 100" at the Charlotte County Motorsports Park


October 31, 2009

1. 141 Travis Hanson
2. 31 Brian Blum
3. 8 Bobby Shelton
4. 48
5. 5X Steve Gill
6. 57 Joe Winchell
7. 23 Barry Bartlett III
8. 36 Ross Chastain
9. 2 Tommy Styer
10. 28D Dylan Bigley
11. 14 Mario Maresca
12. 177 Ray Hester
13. 10 Ron Regula
14. 54 Kevin Ingram
15. 33 John Yurowich
16. 11 David Weaver
17. 5r Robert Regula
18. 09 Scott Grossenbacher
19. 59 Dustin Dunn
20. 28 Billy Bigley Jr
21. 56 Wayne Morris

Kevin Ingram had the fastest qualifing time for the Late Model "Halloween 100". Ingram set a time of 14.913 barely beating Wayne Morris, who had set a lap time of 14.918. Ingram started the race in the seventh spot with Brian Blum sitting on the pole. As the green flag waved Joe Winchell put his car to the lead and the first caution coming out after the completion of the first lap. Wayne Morris went spinning coming out of turn four, in fromt of most of the field and collected several cars. The wreck ended Wayne Morris, Billy Bigley Jr and Dustin Dunn's evening, as all three of there cars were heavily damaged to be able to continue. On lap eight, something had fallen off of Robert Regula's car which brought out the caution. Mario Maresca drew the next caution when his car came to a complete stop at the bottom of turn two. Seven laps later John Yurowich spun his car around in turn one and Yurowich did the same ten laps later. Joe Winchell was still holding the top spot when the caution came out again on lap forty four. Tommy Styer and Kevin Ingram were racing each other hard and the two got together on the backstretch and sent both cars to the top of turn three. On the restart the leader, Joe Winchell fell off the pace and came to a stop and brought out the final caution. Winchell had gotten a flat tire and took his car to the pits for a fresh tire. When Winchell went to the pits the lead was handed over to Brian Blum. On the restart Travis Hanson was side by side for the lead with Brian Blum. The following lap Hanson made the pass for lead successful and lead the remaining last half of the race and took home the first place trophy. Brian Blum was able to hold on to the second position and Bobby Shelton completed the top three.


Solar First Late Model 100
New Smyrna Speedway



Marion Edwards Memorial
Combined Late Model 100

October 24, 2009
Finish Start Car Driver
1. 23 #36 Tim Russell
2. 15 #93 Brandon Johnson
3. 5 #33 Jeff Choquette
4. 20 #51x Stephen Nasse
5. 18 #84 Wayne Anderson
6. 8 #64 Joe Winchell
7. 13 #4B Alan Bruns
8. 9 #2 AJ Curreli
9. 4 #26 Jessica Murphy
10. 17 #18 Amanda Tonchuk
11. 25 #68 Russ Shaw
12. 2 #78 Kenny Kuhn
13. 3 #5 Shane Snipes
14. 11 #16 Patrick Mennenga
15. 1 #33x Casey Caudill
16. 12 #407 Jason Vail
17. 14 #63 Jarrad Cawley
18. 24 #9z Zack Donatti
19. 26 #127 Kyle Maynard
20. 10 #14 Mario Maresca
21. 21 #47 Davey Gibbs
22. 7 #12 Stephen Weaver
23. 22 #82 Danny Maddox
24. 19 #42 Michael Williams
25. 16 #55 Todd Allen
October 23, 2009
Finish Start Car Driver
1. 6 #33 Jeff Choquette
2. 18 #42 Michael Williams
3. 19 #2 AJ Curreli
4. 1 #46 Matt Cohen
5. 14 #64 Joe Winchell
6. 16 #93 Brandon Johnson
7. 21 #407 Jason Vail
8. 15 #26 Jessica Murphy
9. 7 #4B Alan Bruns
10. 20 #63 Doc McKinney
11. 3 #51 Stephen Nasse
12. 8 #14 Mario Maresca
13. 13 #12 Steve Weaver
14. 5 #5 Shane Snipes
15. 2 #78 Kenny Kuhn
16. 11 #36 Tim Russell
17. 10 #82 Danny Maddox
18. 4 #3 Jeff Colburn
19. 17 #16k Eddie King Jr
20. 9 #84 Wayne Anderson
21. 12 #33x Casey Caudill


Auburndale Speedwayay
September 19, 2009
Twin Races - Car 64

First 75 laps


Second 75 laps

Joe qualified 7th drew a 4. 
Finished 8th brake issues

1-#7 Raymond Lovelady
2-#77 Wayne Anderson
3-#19 Kevin Macy
4-#22 David King
5-#23 Todd Brown
6-#5 Harold Crooms
7-#07 Jeff Scoffield
8-#64 Joe Winchell
9-#10 Steve Dorer
10-#86 Randy Anderson
11-#9 Perry Lovelady
12-#14 Martin Maresca
13-#16K Eddie King Jr
14-#69 Steve Avinger
15-#56 Wayne Morris
16-#14x Brandon Strevels
17-#49 Ron Lofquist

Joe qualified 2nd drew a 6. 
Finished 4th.

1-#77 Wayne Anderson
2-#07 Jeff Scoffield
3-#19 Kevin Macy
4-#64 Joe Winchell
5-#7 Raymond Lovelady
6-#56 Wayne Morris
7-#23 Todd Brown
8-#5 Harold Crooms
9-#22 David King
10-#9 Perry Lovelady
11-#86 Randy Anderson
12-#14 Martin Maresca
13-#21 Jonathan Waters
14-#82 Danny Mattox
15-#02 Scott Bramlett
16-#97 Brandon Duchscherer
17-#16K Eddie King Jr


Inside Florida Racing
Podcast Version 2009

Show #88 June 29, 2009

Charlotte County Motorsport Park

Saturday, August 29, 2009

By: Melanie Beckner

Punta Gorda, FL...It was Lee Memorial Health Systems night at the races this past Saturday night at the Charlotte County Motorsports Park. Mother Nature did its part by leaving the rain away and the fans got to see some great racing, including the return of the Late Models. Twenty nine Late Models entered into the race with Anthony Campi taking the fast time in qualifying with a time of 14.801, only two hundreds of a second off the track record set by Dickie Anderson back in 1992. Campi started fifth with Billy Bigley Jr sitting on the pole for the One Hundred lap feature. Johnny Kay grabbed the lead once the green flag waved with Bigley tucking his car behind the leader Kay. The first caution came out on lap seven, when Mario Maresca made contact with Sean LeMaster in turn four, looping around LeMaster's car. A few laps later Tommy Styer got into the back of Casey Caudill coming out of turn two and sent Caudill spinning on the backstretch. Tommy Syter brought out another yellow flag when his car came to a stop on top of turn four, on lap twenty six. Meanwhile Johnny Kay is still setting the pace with Billy Bigley still running in second with a mirror full of fast qualifier Anthony Campi making it up to third. Michael Cenzi backed his car into the turn three wall hard on lap thirty one and somehow managed to be able to make it back out on the track a few laps later. The contact did shorten his racecar by a couple of feet and the crew worked on it hard and got him back out in the race, even though he was a handful of laps down. On lap forty two Sean LeMaster hit the turn one wall head on and the red flag was displayed to check on him. Thankfully LeMaster got out of the car and was uninjured, but his car had heavy damage. Anthony Campi and Chris Fontaine were running hard for the third position when Campi climbed the side of Fontaine's car in turn two. Both cars continued without bringing out a caution. John Yurowich Jr spun his car out in turn four on lap seventy six and on the restart Casey Caudill drove into the back of Billy Bigley Jr's car in turn two which sent Bigley spinning. While under the caution Billy Bigley Jr drove into the side of Campi's car and Campi returned the favor by doing the same in the backstretch. Both cars were disqualified for the evening for unsportsmanlike like conduct. At the time Billy Bigley Jr was running in second and Anthony Campi was third, so this put the fourth place car of Joe Winchell to second on the restart of the race. Johnny Kay was able to hold on to the lead and take home the victory with Joe Winchell coming in second and Travis Hanson took home the third spot.

Johnny Kay wins the Lee Memorial Health Late Model 100


 1. 48 Johnny Kay
 2. 57 Joe Winchell
 3. 141 Travis Hanson
 4. 77H Tuffy Hester
 5. 09 Scott Grossenbacher
 6. 8 Bobby Shelton
 7. 36 Ross Chastain
 8. 70 Jeremy Gerstner
 9. 97 Patrick Staropoli
 10. 21 Casey Caudill

Catching up with Joe Winchell

Interview conducted by Jim Carson

Late Model Digest
August 2009

Most of Joe Winchellıs success in recent years, including two wins in 2009, have come at Charlotte County Motorsports Park in Punta Gorda, Fla. But the 52-year-old Limited Late Model driver from Davie, Fla., is far from a one-track wonder, even as he slows down after a career that included stints in the old NASCAR All Pro, Hooters Cup, Florida Pro, USA and SARA Sportsman series.

Late Model Digest: This year thereıs no Limited Late Model touring series in Florida, but it hasnıt seemed to hurt racing there.
Winchell: No, I think it might have helped. If all the tracks can get together with a common set of rules like Charlotte County and DeSoto have done, itıd benefit everyone. Iıve wanted to make a DeSoto race, but now Iım leading the points at Charlotte County, and they still schedule a race or two on top of each other. But theyıve taken all three types ­ (crate-engine) cars, Limited cars and Supers ­ and tried to equal 'em out. Each kind of car has won at both tracks this year. Auburndale and Citrus County have talked about combining their rules, but they wonıt give a break to the Limited cars whatsoever. They donıt wanna put weight on the Supers. At Charlotte County the Supers weigh 2,800 pounds and weıre 2,750, so weıre only talking about a 50-pound deal. Maybe itıll work out for everybody.

LMD: This is the first time in a while that youıve been in a title hunt, right?
Winchell: We did the Goodyear Challenge deal, not mainly to points race, but mainly so we can travel. But the deal down there at Charlotte County has been so good this year that we decided to do that once-a-month deal.

LMD: How long have you been with your car owner Art Hermann?
Winchell: Since 1997. He had been through a couple of drivers and getting frustrated with racing, and somebody told him to give me a call. Weıve run three cars in 13 years now. Heıs one of my best friends, besides being my car owner. Racingıs something we enjoy doing, but we do a lot of other things together too. He lives in Plantation and Associates (Roofing, Hermannıs business) is out of Hollywood, Fla.

LMD: His car has always had the same look. I guess youıre easy to pick out. 
Winchell: Since Iıve been with him, the carıs been black. Weıve changed the number style around, but mainly weıve kept what we got. Itıs a good, clean look and itıs something thatıs easy to maintain. The way money is now, you donıt wanna spend a ton fixing graphics. And if we tear something up, we can fix one piece and get back on with it.

LMD: Sometimes, especially with the smaller Limited car counts at Speedweeks, you hear people say that that class is dying. How do you react to that?
Winchell: Well, they donıt run 'em nowhere by themselves except New Smyrna and Orlando, so I donıt know how you would explain it. You can still take a Limited car and run it with the other guys. Weıll go up to the 100-lapper (Aug. 22 at New Smyrna), but itıs hard to travel three hours for a 25-lap race.

LMD: Kristal Webster (chassis builder Glenn Websterıs wife) is your crew chief. There are some other female crew chiefs on various short track cars, but does she still get unusual looks?
Winchell: She gets that a lot, but when somebody goes racing with you, you find out what they can do. Sheıs been to some of the races with the McCoy team, and sheıs as good as any guy whoıs ever worked on my race cars. She knows everything about this car; this newest #57, she did most of the work on building it.


LMD: You ran the Independence Day PASS South shows in Jim McCoyıs Super Late Model.
Winchell: They wanted to do more with it. We both know that that brand-new Hamke carıs the best itıs gonna be, so weıll try to hit as many places as we can. Itıs only a new car one time; they seem to slow down as they go, even though we keep working on it to make it a little bit better. Jim had never raced out of the state of Florida.  Those PASS deals Š I liked them a lot. Iıve run everything else up there, but Iıd never been to either one of those tracks (in Greenville, S.C., and Hickory, N.C.). Iıd go back in a minute if we had the money right now. We want to get back to Pensacola for another Blizzard race; we were realy good in practice up there (April 10), then we broke a rear end before qualifying.  We want to do the Marion Edwards Memorial (Oct. 16 at Orlando) in that car.  Jim won that race as a driver, and I won it three times, all when it was at  Hialeah.  We ran ninth at Greenville, but we actually had a crazy night. A right front tire went flat, and there was so many cautions that we ended up running out of gas at the exact time Jeff Choquette did. He was leading and I was back up to fourth. It happened in the exact same spot under the exact same caution; both of us were sitting there dead in the water...both of the guys from Florida. At Hickory we were fast in practice, but we missed the deal come race day and survived to finish 11th. It was one of the worst races Iıve had in 10 years.

LMD: What does McCoy do during the week?
Winchell: He works for ... I donıt know what city, but heıs a city employee.  Miami Shores. And he does a lot of side work to pay for running the race cars.

LMD: Hialeah Speedway closed in 2005. How much do you miss it?
Winchell: I grew up there, and I miss it a lot. Racingıs racing, and Iıll race anything; Iıll race in a parking lot. It was always there, so itıs like losing a family member.

LMD: I never got to see Hialeah, but I heard it was like racing in a parking lot.
Winchell: It looked like a small Greenville without the wall on the inside.  It was just a flat, perfect oval. It didnıt deserve a lot of the bad raps that it got. Some people that came down couldnıt figure it out. To this day I still think it was one of the best facilities in the state of Florida, with paved pits and everything. Everyoneıs got memories of the track they grew up at.

LMD: It seems like every Florida veteran ­ I guess Iım thinking mostly about Wayne and Dick Anderson ­ has a young driver that theyıve tried to help at times. What about you?
Winchell: Iıve worked a lot with Drew Brannon, and I still spot for him sometimes when I can get to his races. I talk to Drew probably two or three times a week. Heıs really a good racer. Thereıs Casey Caudill that races the #33 ASALMS car and has been to a lot of Charlotte County races, and Austin Kirkpatrick is another one. But Drew and I have been good friends and I try to keep up on every aspect of his racing. You can talk, not even about setups, but just things youıve been through as a driver. Theyıre gonna find somebody to help 'em with their race cars.

LMD: You must be excited about how Brannon has started the year with his new team, SS-Green Light Racing.
Winchell: Yeah. Thereıs a lot of talent there, and they havenıt even begun to touch on what he can do in a race car. Itıs kind of a shame the sport has turned into such a money deal, but I hope he gets a shot. If not, I hope he stays around racing Late Models forever.

LMD: Youıve given shout-outs to Justin. Whoıs that? 
Winchell: Justin Carroll, a 13-year-old kid. His dad, John Carroll, was my crew chief for years. Hopefully someday weıll have Justin in one of our Late Models. Now heıs leading the Summer Shootout that they have on Tuesdays at Loweıs Motor Speedway in Charlotte. His dad works for Jack Roush. They went to the PASS races with me, and between them we were racing his bandolero the whole week. Next year weıd like to run him in Late Model races, but weıre having trouble working that past his mom.

OFFICIAL RESULTS - August 22, 2009

 1.    #51      Chad Akins
 2.    #5K      Daniel Keene Jr
 3.    #33      Casey Caudill
 4.    #9        Rich Clouser
 5.    #93      Brandon Johnson
 6.    #96      Jerry Symons
 7.    #97      Patrick Staropoli
 8.    #3        Jeff Colburn
 9.    #10      Michael Seay
 10.  #4B      Alan Bruns
 11.  #55      Todd Allen
 12.  #9z      Zack Donatti
 13.  #119x   Tom Molloy
 14.  #57      Joe Winchell
 15.  #26      Jessica Murphy

PASS South Super Late Modelsdels
Hickory Motor Speedway
North Carolina

July 5, 2009

1    98 Justin Wakefield
2    47m Trey Mitchell
3    35 Devin Jones
4    26 Preston Peltier
5    4N Ben Rowe
6    93 Tayla Orleans
7    47 Corey Williams
8    18x Billy Leslie
9    51W Bryce Walker
10  51 Michael Pope
11  64 Joe Winchell
12  1 Jimmy Gamon
13  10 Ryan Blaney
14  10L Johanna Long
15  91 Heath Hindman
16  101 Jeremy Frankoski
17  8 Cassius Clark
18  48 John Batten
19  83 Jeff Choquette
20  66 Jeff Fultz
21  18 Bradley McCaskill
22  05 Alex Fleming
23  4s Jay Fogleman
24  2 Zach Stroupe
25  20 John Stancill





Super Late Model Racing in
South Carolina
Greenville-Pickens Speedway

July 3rd, 2009

1    4S Jay leman
2    151 Brian Ickler
3    05 Alex Fleming
4    4N Ben Rowe
5    10 Ryan Blaney
6    47M Trey Mitchell
7    91 Heath Hindman
8    83 Jeff Choquette
9    64 Joe Winchell
10  48 John Batten
11  88 Lee Tissot
12  25 Jeff Bolen
13  93 Tayla Orleans
14  67 Jeff Fultz
15  47 Corey Williams
16  39 Dean Clattenburg
17  10L Johanna Long
18  14 Clete Caywood
19  26 Preston Peltier
20  42 Time Pinion
21  62 Mark Gibson
22  98 Justin Wakefield
23  09 Randy Gentry
24  51 Bryce Walker
25  8 Cassius Clark


Winchell Has Them Covered at Charlotte County Motorsport Park June 29, 2009

Punta Gorda, FL... Twenty six Late Models made it down for another exciting, one hundred lap feature with twenty five of the cars starting the race. The only car to not make the field was TJ Duke, who had hit the wall inbetween turns three and four during qualifing. Joe Winchell was fast qualifier with a lap time of 14.967, and being the only driver to break into the 14 second barrier in qualifing.
Winchell started the race in the six spot with Patrick Staropoli taking the actual pole for the one hundred lap feature. When the green flag waved the caution flag was quickly drawn for the polesitter Patrick Staropoli spinning around his car in turn one. All cars got relined for the restart of the race and Staropoli jumped out to the early lead. The first race caution came out for the spinning car of Ed Leeke in turn two. Blake Koch, Wayne Anderson and Bobby Shelton all got together in turn four and all three went spinning in lap twelve. On the restart Bobby Shelton spun his car out in turn two, which collected Scott Grossenbacher and Bob Regula, who were trying to avoid hitting Shelton's spinning car. Gary Padula spun out in turn two with help from Mike Knotek on lap twenty two. A challenge for lead was made by Joe Winchell on lap twenty six and successfully passed Patrick Starpoli the following lap. Ray Hester came to a stop in the backstretch on lap thirty one and brought out another caution. On the restart Sean Bulaskis spun his car around in turn four. Contact
was made on the second restart with Michael Cenzi and David Weaver going into turn one and both went spinning and brung out another caution. On lap sixty one Brandon Johnson and Ritchie Anderson were racing hard for position and the two got together in turn four with both cars coming to a stop and
bringing out the next caution. After Johnson and Anderson drove off Gary Padula and Bob Regula spun their cars around in turn four. Lap ninety five seen the last caution for Ed Leeke and Martin Maresca making contact with one another and both cars spun out in turn one. Joe Winchell took home the victory with Austin Kirkpatrick taking second place and Bobby Shelton finishing in third.

FINISHES FOR June 27, 2009


1 57 Joe Winchell
2 11 Austin Kirkpatrick
3 8 Bobby Shelton
4 21 Blake Koch
5 51 Richie Anderson
6 2 Tommy Styer
7 97S Patrick Staropoli
8 09 Scott Grossenbacher
9 141 Travis Hanson
10 78 Ross Chastain
11 14 Martin Maresca
12 13 Mike Knotek
13 177 Ray Hester
14 70 Jeremy Gerstner
15 9 Perry Lovelady



Patrick (#97), Yes, I saw my picture and signature on your left rear bumper as I passed your car. Thanks, It was just what I needed to break through to the lead!



John Pummell Jr. and Joe Winchell Win


June 6, 2009

The first feature race of the evening was a fifty lap 4 Cylinder switch off race. Sitting on the pole for the first twenty five laps Thomas Willis. At the start of the race it was Chris Lucas who jumped to the lead, but he would only lead the first laps.

The following lap, the polesitter Thomas WIllis passed Lucas for the top spot for the next couple of laps. Blaine Baer passed Willis on lap four to gain the lead from him.

The first caution for the switch off race came out on lap nineteen, Jeremy Perkins hit the tires up against the turn two wall head on. Perkins and the car was fine and was able to continue.

Blaine Baer took the win in the first segment of the switchoff race, John Pummel Jr was second with Logan Leonard in third. On the second segment of the event Brandon Scott took over the driving duties from Blaine Baer and Scott started on the pole.

Late Model racing Legend Joe Winchell took over for John Pummel Jr and Derrick Horton took over for Logan Leonard. On the start of the race Joe Winchell pressured Brandon Scott for the lead for several laps. Brent Drake and Jeff Ambergy got together in turn four on lap twenty nine, which brought out the caution again. Joe Winchell finaully got around Brandon Scott for the lead on lap thirty eight, and brought Derrick Horton with him. Horton tried to challenge Winchell for the lead a few times but was never able to get around him.

The final caution of the race was a multi-car pile up in turn three that included Jason Perkins, Chuck Null, David Morr and John Rizzo. The team of Joe Winchell and John Pummel Jr took the win, with Derrick Horton and Logan Leonard finishing second. Originally Mark Davis and Vinnie Urbanowski took the third positon, but they were disqualified in tech, so that handed third spot to Blaine Baer and Brandon Scott.



June 12, 2009 from Orlando Speedworld

1. #11 David Rogers
2. #64 Joe Winchell
3. #84x Matt Bowers
4. #9 Rich Clouser
5. #80 Brian Finney
6. #33 Daniel Webster
7. #05 Jeremy Colangelo
8. #21 Blake Koch
9. #22 Dusty Cornelius
10. #34 Shaughn McCormick

Scott Grossenbacher wins Late Model 100 at CCMP

May 30, 2009

By: Melanie Beckner
Punta Gorda, FL...Twenty Five cars took to the start of the One Hundred lap Late Model race with Scott Grossenbacher leading the field around to the start of the race. Once the green flag waved Scott Grossenbacher put his car out front. Jeremy Gerstner,Bob Regula and Martin Maresca all brought out the first caution on lap two when all three cars made contact on the backstretch. On the restart of the race Corey Callum had gotten into the back of Casey Caudill's car in turn four, this sent Caudill spinning. Tuffy Hester came to a stop on the top of turn three in lap seventeen bringing out another cautions. On lap forty one Casey Caudill spun out by himself coming out of turn four collecting Corey Callum, who had nowhere to go and T-boned the side of Caudill's car. Ross Chastain and Steve Dorer got together on the frontstretch on lap eighty, the contact sent Dorer spinning to the bottom of the track. The final caution came out for Steve Gill when he came to a stop on the top of turn four with six laps remaining. Joe Winchell pressured Scott Grossenbacher for most of the race for the lead, but was unsuccessful. Scott Grossenbacher lead the entire one hundred lap feature and winning his first Late Model race this season at CCMP. Joe Wincehll settled for second with Gary Padula finishing in third.

1.09 Scott Grossenbacher
2. 57 Joe Winchell
3 36 Gary Padula.
4. 8 Bobby Shelton
5. 56 Joe Boyd
6. 141 Travis Hanson
7. 21 Blake Koch
8. 97 Patrick Staropoli
9. 78X Jeremy Gerstner
10. 11. David Weaver

 Brandon Johnson wins Camping World 100 Late Model Racee

April 25, 3009
By: Melanie Beckner

Punta Gorda, FL... Twenty six late models made the start of the Camping World 100 lap Late Model feature at the Charlotte County Motorsports Park, this past Saturday night. Brandon Johnson sat on the pole, while fast qualifier Joe Winchell had to start in the third starting position. Brandon Johnson took the lead at the start of the race. The first caution to wave was on lap seven, that is when Richie Anderson hit the front stretch wall under the flagstand and then spun out in turn one. Gary Padula and Eddie King got together in turn four on the twelfth lap, with King spinning and Padula being sent to the rear of the field. Lap twenty two, brought out another caution when Johnny Kay got into the back of Wayne Morris car causing a multi-car collision. Johnny Kay was sent to the back of the pack on the restart of the race. Wayne Morris got into third place runner Austin Kirkpatrick on the thirty fifth lap. Kirkpatrick went spinning on the frontstretch from the contact and Morris was then sent to the back. On lap sixty eight Steve Dorer spun out on the backstretch which the officials had called it on Dorer and he did not agree. The officials tried to get Dorer to the tail of the field and he refused. After about five lap under caution and him not going to the rear of the field, he was then blackflagged and disqualified for Unsportsman like conduct. After about another two laps with the officials showing Dorer the black flag he still refused to go to the pits , so the race had to be red flagged to bring the tow truck on the track. When the tow truck came on the track DOrer played a cat and mouse game with the driver of the tow truck around the track and finally went into the pits. Brandon Johnson led the entire race with Joe Winchell all over his back bumper, up until about lap eighty when it appeared that Winchell's car was not handling as well. Brandon Johnson took the victory with Joe Wincehll finishing behind Johnson in second and Austin Kirkpatrick came in third.

Late Models

1. 93 Brandon Johnson
2. 57 Joe Winchell
3. 11 Austin Kirkpatrick
4. 77 Tuffy Hester
5. 48 Johnny Kay

Joe Winchell wins Late Model 100 at CCMP

March 30, 2009 - Punta Gorda, FL.

Joe Winchell clearly had the fastest Late Model in the field of nineteen cars. He set the fast time in qualifying with a lap time of 15.104 and pulled the number 10 pill after qualifying putting Travis Hanson on the pole for the 100 lap race. At the start of the race Travis Hanson jumped to the early lead with Winchell whipping through the field fast. The first caution to come out was on lap eight when David Weaver's car caught on fire in the middle of the infield.

Weaver had just pulled of the track a lap prior with what had appeared to be motor problems. On lap nineteen Winchell had moved to the second position and challenged Hanson for the lead. Winchell was able to clear Hanson for the lead the following lap.

The next caution to come out was for Bobby Shelton and Martin Maresca get together in turn one. Both drivers where sent to the rear of the field on the restart of the race. On lap twenty nine Steve Dorer got into the back of Sean Lemasters car, spinning Lemaster out in the back straightaway. The next incident involved Bobby Shelton and Bob Regula when the two got into one another in turn one. Lap sixty two saw Gary Padula getting into Joe Boyd putting Boyd in the spin cycle in turn four. With eleven laps to go Bob Regula brought out the caution when he spun out in turn one. On the restart of the race, something happened to Gary Padula's car and caused a jam up in turn one with Steve Grossenbacher spinning out. Joe Winchell cruised to the Late Model victory while Joe Boyd and Steve Dorer had to settle for the second and third positions.

1. 57 Joe Winchell - Dade City
2. 5 Joe Boyd - Riverview
3. 10 Steve Dorer - Lakeland
4. 8L Sean LeMaster - Naples
5. 09 Steve Grossenbacher


20 questions for ASA Late Model South star Casey Caudill

Daytona Beach, FL - February 18, 2009


Twenty Questions with Casey Caudill ASA Late Model Series South 2009

 14) Who is your favorite NASCAR driver and why?

Dale Jr. because I’ve liked him ever since I was little and he is a tell it like it is person

15) Who is your favorite Short Track racer?

Joe Winchell because he’s always given me advice if I needed it and will never take someone out of the race on purpose. He also has been winning races for many years against the best Florida has to offer.



Johnny Kay wins Verizon Breast Cancer Memorial 150 at CCMP

January 12, 2009
Drew Brannon had the fast time during qualifying for the Late Model race, with a lap time of 15.088. Brannon started seventh, with Brandon Johnson leading the field around to the green. Drew Brannon jumped to the early lead with Gary Padulla running in second. The first caution came out on lap nine when Johnny Kay spun out. On lap twenty six Joe Winchell, Gary Padulla and Wayne Morris all got together on the front straightaway. Winchell was able to continue, but not Morris or Padulla. Johnson stayed out front until lap fifty one, when Joe Winchell got around Johnson. Winchell led until lap seventy four when Johnny Kay was able to make the pass for the lead. On the last lap Brandon Johnson running second spun Kay out coming to the Checkers, in turn four. Johnson came across the line first, but was not awarded the win. Johnny Kay was given the win, Johnson ended up finishing tenth, the last car on the lead lap. Steve Dorer finished second and Jesse Dutilly third.


January 3, 2009
The Red Eye 125 returned to New Smyrna Speedway Saturday night with a huge bang drawing 31 Super Late Models for the first leg of the FASCAR Triple Crown and even included one NASCAR Craftsman Truck driver in the field. Mike Skinner of Port Orange has not raced a Super Late Model in many years but last night had a ball in his son's No. 5 Super Late.

Only twenty eight of the Super Lates qualified as two were working on their cars due to incidents that happened during practice. But it was Tim Russell who set fast time followed by Preston Peltier, the only out-of-state driver in the field and very fast, Wayne Anderson, Joe Winchell and David Rogers. Russell pulled the 11 pill which put non other than Mike Skinner of the pole for the 125 lap feature.

After driver introductions and a few photos of the thirty drivers, it was time to go racing as Katlyn Clouser gave the demand, "Daddy and Gentlemen, START YOUR ENGINES." Katlyn is the five year old daughter of the No. 9 Super Late Model driver Rich Clouser and has become quite the MC for starting big races.

Skinner quickly took his place on the point as the green waved followed by Chad Akins, David Pletcher, Jeremy Colangelo, and Daniel Webster. Colangelo wasted little time taking over fourth as Webster went to fifth followed by Matt Bowers, Winchell, Peliter, Michael Williams and David Rogers.

Peltier and Williams do some hard side-by-side racing as they touch but both did a great job of maintaining their cars. Just as it is getting hot and heavy, the first caution of the night comes out on lap 15 for James Carter, Jr. who spun high in turns 3 and 4. Carter is fine and the race goes back green on lap 20 as Skinner leads the way over Akins, Colangelo, Pletcher, Webster, Bowers, Russell, Anderson, Winchell, Rogers, Williams, Peltier, Brian Finney, Fain Skinner and Corey Freed.

Anderson puts the heat on as he passes Bowers and takes over fifth with Russell following Anderson as he takes over sixth and Bowers settles into seventh. Skinner continues to lead the pack as Anderson puts heat on Pletcher and takes over fourth followed by Russell in fifth and Pletcher sixth. Pletcher goes high in turn 4 but keeps the car off the wall as Fain Skinner ends his night on lap 31 and is behind pit wall. By lap 32, it is Mike Skinner, Chad Akins, Wayne Anderson, Jeremy Colangelo, and Tim Russell leading the way.

The caution comes out for Morgan Hoover who has hit the inside frontstretch wall. Hoover is fine but is done for the night. The race goes back green on lap 37 as Skinner is hard on the restart and basically jumps it but the yellow does not come out. Anderson wastes no time as he passes Akins for second and is now ready to hunt down Skinner for first. Once again as the racing is getting hot and heavy, the caution comes out for John Coffman who has hit the turns 3-4 wall in the rear. Coffman is not hurt and quickly takes his car to pit road for some crew attention. Also on pit road is Rich Clouser who sees his night come to an end with brake issues. Both Clouser and Coffman are done for the night.

Lap 46 sees the restart as Mike Skinner leads the way over Wayne Anderson, Jeremy Colangelo, Tim Russell, Matt Bowers, Chad Akins, Daniel Webster, David Rogers, David Pletcher, Joe Winchell, Preston Peltier, Michael Williams, Brian Finney, Corey Freed, Eddie Gainey and Justin Larson. Larson passes Gainey for 15th as Gainey slides to 16th. Anderson is now putting the heat on Skinner for first as he pulls right on his rear-end but Skinner holds. Russell passes Colangelo and takes over third. Justin Larson, who started in the rear due to problems and not being able to qualify, is on the move as he passes Freed for 14th. On lap 58, Eddie Gainey retires his ride to the pits for the night as Skinner continues to lead the way as Anderson is on the hunt for Skinner.

The halfway mark sees Mike Skinner, Wayne Anderson, Tim Russell, Jeremy Colangelo, Matt Bowers, David Rogers, Chad Akins, Daniel Webster, David Pletcher, and Joe Winchell as the top ten. On lap 64, Brian Finney, the 2008 Triple Crown Champion, retires his Merritt Island Air and Heat/Bob Steele Chevrolet to the pits as his engine has let go.

As the top three are now hot and heavy on each other, Skinner slides sideways, Anderson has to check up to avoid hitting Skinner and Russell takes the advantage and passes both taking over the lead followed by Anderson and Skinner. David Rogers is also on the move as he passes Matt Bowers for fifth and looks on Colangelo to take over fourth. Rogers makes the move work and takes over fourth followed by Colangelo, Bowers, Akins, Peltier, Pletcher, Webster, Larson and Winchell.

After qualifying in the top five and having a very good run, Joe Winchell takes his ride to the pits on lap 77. A big disappointment for both Joe and car owner Jim McCoy. On lap 80 it is Russell, Anderson, Mike Skinner, David Rogers, Jeremy Colangelo, Matt Bowers, Preston Peltier, Daniel Webster, Justin Larson and David Pletcher in the top ten. Russ Shaw brings out the caution as he spins on the backstretch. But it is a very quick restart as the caution comes out again for Akins and Bowers who have spun coming off turn 4. Also involved is Corey Freed who has major front-end damage and is done for the night.

On the restart, the caution comes out again as fast as the green was thrown as Ronnie Roach hits the inside frontstretch wall. Roach is fine but also done for the night. On the restart on lap 94, we see 17 cars left out of the original 30 car field. Russell leads the way over Anderson, Skinner, Rogers, Colangelo, Bowers, Peltier, Webster, Larson and Pletcher.

Lap 104 sees the caution come out for Randy Anderson, Wayne Anderson's oldest son, as he hits the inside frontstretch wall. After having a very good run for his first Super Late Model race at New Smyrna Speedway and a 125 lapper, young Anderson is done for the night but is fine.

Lap 110 sees the restart with 14 cars left in the field as Russell leads the way over Anderson, Skinner, Rogers, and Colangelo. Rogers does look to pass Skinner for third but Skinner will have nothing to do with it and holds his position. With five laps to go, it is Tim Russell leading the way over Anderson, Skinner, Rogers, and Bowers. Russell takes the checkered flag for his first win in 2009 and the first leg of the FASCAR Triple Crown.