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Joe Winchell Wins Final Goodyear Challenge Late Model 100 at Columbia

OCTOBER 30, 2004

1. #57 Joe Winchell
2. #04 Doug Samion
3. #15 Jason Boyd
4. #9 Rich Clouser
5. #1x Chuck Burkhalter

Jason Boyd Gets it Done In Goodyear Challenge Series 100

Samsula, Fla. (October 16, 2004) In front of a packed house, Jason Boyd of Orlando drove his way to claim the Goodyear Challenge Late Model 100 at New Smyrna Speedway. Boyd, who set fast time, drew the three pill for inversion putting Rich Clouser of Palm Bay on the pole for the feature event.

Only one caution for an accident marred the almost cautionless 100 lapper making it almost all green laps which made for a very good race for the fans.

Clouser took the point on the green followed by Joe Winchell, Jason Boyd, Jerry Artuso and A.J. Curreli. The yellow came out in the early part of the race for Donald Roberts and Ali Zargaren who got together coming off turn 4 hitting the frontstretch wall. Neither driver was hurt but both were out of the race early.

Clouser held the point on the restart as Winchell and Boyd were having their own side-by-side action for second. Winchell was able to hold the position as Boyd settled back into third. Martin Pierce, running sixth, was making his charge on Curreli for fifth but Curreli was able to hold the position. Top ten were Rich Clouser, Joe Winchell, Jason Boyd, Jerry Artuso, A.J. Curreli, Martin Pierce, Sam Watts, Travis Wilson, Greg Kaouk, and Doug Samion.

The yellow came out strictly to check Joe Winchell's car which had begun to smoke. Boyd had reported to his spotter that he had oil on his windshield. Winchell was checked and found to have no leak so the race went back green on lap 28. Clouser still held the point but Winchell found his hands full once again with a hard charge from Boyd. This time Boyd was able to make the move and take over second with Winchell settling into third.

A.J. Curreli was now on the move going for fourth from Artuso. Artuso was not strong enough to hold off Curreli as he slide back to the fifth position. Clouser now had his hands full as Boyd was on the hunt for the point. Clouser did a great job of protecting the lead but Boyd proved that he had the stronger car and took over the point with Clouser in second. Top ten were Boyd, Clouser, Winchell, Curreli, Pierce, Arutso, Watts, Wilson, Kaouk, and Samion.

Winchell's car began to smoke again and seemed to lose some of it's power. Curreli took advantage of this passing Winchell and taking over the third place position as Winchell settled into fourth.

On lap 75, Sam Watts who was running seventh retired from the race after his pit crew determined that his car was no longer raceable. Boyd was now on his way to Victory Lane when Travis Wilson began to smoke while running eighth and he retired from the race.

Boyd found it clear sailing as he won the Goodyear Challenge 100 followed by Rich Clouser, A.J. Curreli, Joe Winchell, Jerry Artuso, Greg Kaouk, Martin Pierce, Doug Samion, Bill Ostriker, and Charles Kopach.

Tate Pierce, who has been in every Goodyear race this year, broke his rear-end in hot laps and was not able to make the race. The next Goodyear Challenge Late Model 100 will be October 30, 2004 at Columbia Motorsports Park.

3. #1 A.J. CURRELI

Auto Racing: Lehigh Acres' Sumasky holds off field to win at Charlotte County Speedway

June 4, 2004 

Like Jimmie Johnson, who dominated this past Sunday's Coca-Cola 600 by winning from the pole at the Lowe's Motor Speedway near Charlotte, N.C., Joe Sumasky won from the pole at the Charlotte County Speedway in Punta Gorda this past Saturday night.

Sumasky was able to hang on for the checkered flag ahead of hard-charging Joe Winchell and third-place finisher Mike Franklin Jr. in a 100-lapper for the limited late models.

"Joe (Winchell) raced me clean," said Sumasky, who has worked his way up the ladder over the years at the 3.8-mile, paved Punta Gorda oval. "It's been quite a while since I won one of these. I think it was the first race last year."

Sumasky, who hails from Lehigh Acres, pocketed $2,000 for his victory. His win makes it four different winners in the five 100-lappers so far this year. Winchell has won twice.

A field of 19 cars started the race, with just nine finishing.

Pacifier 100, Limited Late Models

1.  Joe Sumasky
2.  Joe Winchell
3.  Mike Franklin Jr.


Winchell Outlasts King in Late Model 100 at Charlotte County

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. Jan. 25, 2004 Joe Winchell and Eddie King are names that go back to the early days at Charlotte County Speedway.

The two hadn't raced at CCS in recent years, but were back at the Punta Gorda paved oval Sunday, chasing the $2,000-to-win purse in the Limited Late Model 100.

Winchell started on the pole, momentarily lost the lead to King just past the halfway mark, but then bumped back up front and to the checkered flag.

"This is a good place to race", said Winchell, who hails from Davie. "I've always like it here. (Owner) LeRoy (Davidson) busts his butt to put on a good show for the fans here".

And so did Winchell and the 22 other Limited Late drivers.

"I love to play the game", said Winchell, who went a year between races in Punta Gorda. "I'm 47 years old. I'm not going to go race in NASCAR or anything. I just love to race".  Ditto King.

"I just do it for the fun of it", said the veteran Ford driver out of Lakeland. King, driver of the No. 16 car, took over the second spot after a big pileup claimed the car of Steve Arnold.

The cars of Arnold and Morrison were both totaled in a five-car pileup on the back straightaway on lap 36.

King pressured Winchell up to lap 65 when the two cars caught up to a big group of lapped cars. King was able to dive underneath Winchell and take the lead. It lasted for just four laps when Winchell tapped King and drove by him on lap 70.

King was still in it until lap 95 when he was slow coming out of four on a restart. Mike Hovis out-dragged him down the front straightaway. Hovis finished second. Randy Fox was third. Bobby Beauchemin was fourth. King slipped all the way back to fifth.

"You get caught on the outside here, you're going back", King said.  "It's a shame because I was gonna tap on (Winchell's) door and pay him a little visit. I felt like I owed him one".

Joe Winchell claims First Feature Win for Goodyear Challenge Late Models at New Smyrna   

Samsula, Fla. (May 8, 2004) Night weather could not have been any better for the Goodyear Challenge Late Model 100 at New Smyrna Speedway as twenty seven of the finest Late Models showed up for the third race of the 12 race series.

Twenty six cars qualified but before the race even got close to green, Kenny Hankins of Auburndale and Bill Ostriker of Ridge Manor had problems. Hankins lost his motor and Ostriker hit the wall during practice destroying the front and rear-end of his car. Wade Lynn of St. Augustine qualified but was unable to start the race.

Jason Boyd of Orlando thought he had the pole with his 18.579 but when Ontario's Jerry Artuso came out, Boyd lost the pole to Artuso's 18.533 lap. Brad May of Orlando was third with a 18.619 followed by Martin Pierce of Sanford with a 18.647 and Rich Clouser of Palm Bay with a 18.652. Artuso pulled nine putting Chuck Burkhalter of Clermont on the pole for the 100 lap event.

Drivers were introduced to the fans and it was time to "go racing". Doug Samion of Orlando quickly jumped to the point on the green followed by Chuck Burkhalter, Joe Winchell, Steve Smith and Rich Clouser. Clouser passed Smith taking over fourth as Smith slipped to fifth. But with only 1 lap down, the yellow came out for Bill Manfull who spun on the backstretch. Bobby Newton and Don Hess also spun avoiding Manfull. Manfull was sent to the rear with Newton and Hess given back their spots as Manfull was the reason for the caution.

The race goes back green on lap 4 with Samion on the point followed by Joe Winchell, Rich Clouser, Chuck Burkhalter, and Jason Boyd. Boyd puts the pressure on Burkhalter and takes over fourth then passes Clouser for third as Burkhalter falls backwards and Steve Smith takes over fifth.

By lap 11, Winchell and Boyd are doing some very serious side-by-side motions as neither gives to the other. Just as it heats up, the yellow comes out on lap 13 for Manfull who has spun again.

Lap 15, Samion holds the point but Boyd takes over second with Winchell sliding to third followed by Clouser, Steve Smith, Martin Pierce, Jerry Artuso and Bray May. By lap 17, there is a new leader, Jason Boyd. Bobby Newton brings out the next yellow on lap 20 when he spins in turn 2.

Lap 22 sees the green with Boyd, Samion, Winchell, Clouser, Smith, Artuso, May, Tate Pierce, Burkhalter, and A.J. Curreli in the top ten. But only 4 laps later, Glen Morris brings out the yellow as he and Travis Wilson get together in turn 4. Morris hits the frontstretch wall with Wilson spinning. Morris is fine but done for the night, Wilson rejoins the field in the rear.

Lap 35 sees the green but before lap 36 was even thought of, the yellow comes out again as Artuso taps Smith with Smith spinning and involving Greg Kaouk and A.J. Curreli Artuso and Smith are fine but Curelli is forced to pit for the night with Kaouk going on the hook ending his good night. Artuso is sent to the rear for the restart.

Lap 38 sees the green with Boyd on the point but on lap 39, caution comes out for Dewayne Bryan who has spun and is sent to the rear for the restart. Back to green but a short green as Boyd and Samion get together coming down the frontstretch. Samion climbs the front stretch wall almost flipping over and hitting very hard. Samion luckily is fine but his car is basically toast.

Boyd goes onto pit road with a very damaged Late Model. Boyd's crew works feverishly to repair his car making several stops but Boyd is able to return to the racing field in the rear before the green comes out again. Lap 44 sees the green with new leader Joe Winchell followed by Rich Clouser, Martin Pierce, Brad May and Tate Pierce.

By lap 46, the top ten are Winchell, Clouser, Pierce, May, Tate Pierce, Smith, Burkhalter, Don Hess, Charles Kopach and Jerry Artuso. But five laps later, Jeff Colburn brings out the yellow as his new Late Model loses the engine. Colburn is forced to retire very disappointed after a good run for his first Late Model race.


Ten laps later, lap 61, the green comes back out with Winchell, Clouser, Martin Pierce, May and Tate Pierce in the top five. But five laps later, lap 66, the yellow is thrown again for Duane Schubert of Crossville, Tenn. Schubert pits under the yellow and makes repairs.

Lap 68 sees Rusty Baker of Williston and Bobby Newton of Astatulo get together on the restart. Newton hits the pit entrance wall and is done for the night as Baker is able to continue. The race goes back green on lap 72.

May and Martin Pierce go side-by-side for third with May taking the position by lap 74. Top five are now Winchell, Clouser, May, Pierce and Tate Pierce. Artuso, Boyd and Don Hess get together on lap 78 bringing out the yellow. All are fine but sent to the rear of the field for the restart. The race resumes on lap 82 for two laps as the yellow comes out on lap 84 for Arutso who spun in turns 1 and 2.

The race is then red flagged as someone is leaking rear-end fluid on the track. The cars are stopped on the frontstretch, checked with Jim Keating being sent to the pits for the leak. Keating's crew works hard and stops the leak with Keating returning to the racing field before the green comes back out losing no laps.

Lap 86 sees the restart with Winchell, Clouser, May, Pierce, Tate Pierce, Smith, Burkhalter, Boyd, Kopach, and Wilson in the top ten. But on four laps go down before the yellow comes out again for Jerry Artuso who has hit the turn 2 wall and Manfull spinning after the caution was thrown. Artuso retires for the night with Manfull in the rear.

The last ten laps must be under green with no more caution laps being counted. The race resumes on lap 90 with Winchell, Clouser, May, Martin Pierce and Tate Pierce in the top five. But only one lap later, the yellow comes out as Steve Smith has hit the frontstretch wall. Smith is fine but done for the night.

Lap 91 goes green as Winchell leads the way but lap 92 is yellow for Don Hess who has spun in turns 3 and 4. Hess retires to the pits. Race goes green on lap 93 as Boyd takes over fifth putting Tate Pierce sixth.

But lap 94 sees the yellow as Boyd, Martin Pierce and May try to go 3-side in turn 3 and all getting together. It is obvious that Pierce is angry and he taps Boyd under yellow for spinning him out. Boyd break-checks Pierce on the backstretch under caution and Pierce is sent into the pits for unsportsmanlike conduct for hitting Boyd under caution. Boyd and May are sent to the rear for the restart for causing the caution.

The races goes by green on lap 94 with Winchell, Clouser, Tate Pierce, Chuck Burkhalter and Charles Kopach in the top five. Boyd and May work their way up quickly as Kopach is running fifth with May and Boyd right behind him. Coming to the checkered, Boyd gets overanxious taking out not only May but also Kopach. Boyd does cross the line for fifth but is disqualified for unsportsman like conduct.

Joe Winchell of Davie takes his first feature win followed by Rich Clouser, Tate Pierce, Chuck Burkhalter, and Travis Wilson.

In Victory Lane, Winchell thanks the crowd for coming and is extremely excited about his win. The next race for the Goodyear Challenge Late Models will be June 5th at USA International in Lakeland with the USAR Hooter's Pro Cuy Series.

1. #57 Joe Winchell, Davie
2. #9 Rich Clouser, Palm Bay
3. #81 Tate Pierce, Zephyrhills
4. #1 Chuck Burkhalter, Clermont
5. #62 Travis Wilson, Bartow